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We help athletes to achieve success beyond their perceived potential, raise their level of play and create the opportunity to realize their dreams by competing with, and often dominating, the best of the best. We hope the next athlete we set on the path to success is YOU.

Your individualized BTNL program will provide a well balanced regimen of strength training, neurological enhancement and sport specific movement training. We use methods formerly available only to Eastern European nations and their Olympic level athletes.

 BTNL caters to serious-minded athletes of all sports, ages and levels of play. It is our mission to provide you the opportunity to maximize your athletic potential. Your job is to arrive with the dedication and desire needed to get BEYOND THE NEXT LEVEL. 

Good luck and see you soon!

BTNL Staff


Train movement, not exercise!

Our goal is understanding the movement variables related to performance, and how to manipulate athletic physiological systems to enhance movement. Generally it's assumed, that if an athlete  increases power on a specific  exercise, or speed in a  certain test,  effective form of athletic capacity has been automatically developed. Nothing could be further form the truth. Indeed,  physiology associated with movement in  team sports is a physiology of a very dynamic neurological environment. Transferability of such parameters is significantly less than what people think. Solution is  the synergy between the capacity and efficiency.That is, ultimately, what performance is! Our job is to develop efficient patterns and give you a solid platform on which to take your potential to the next level and beyond. We strongly believe in individualization and different needs of every sport, position and body composition.


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